Niq® uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and software automation to determine your patentability score.

Niq® broadly comprehends your idea then searches for similar ideas in international patent databases. Niq® then determines your patentability score by analysing the results.

Niq® is learning the skills it needs to become the world’s first AI patent Associate. Notio IQ® currently offers the patentability score for free because Niq® is developing its future capabilities. Your data will be maintained confidential.

Your patentability score provides a broad indication, according to Niq® state of development only, of how easy or difficult it might be to get a patent on your idea. If you receive a patentability score that is in the green or yellow range you might have a greater level of confidence in proceeding with patent protection. If you receive a patentability score in the red range, you may consider getting more detailed professional advice from a patent Associate.

Notio IQ® will maintain your idea confidential. This is confirmed in our Terms and Conditions. Notio IQ® is developing an AI Patent Associate platform and so it is of the utmost importance to Notio IQ® that user ideas are kept confidential and secure. Your interface with Niq® is via an SSL secured site and so the transfer of data to and from the site is as secure as this protocol provides.

Niq® will ask you questions about your idea post registration. You can answer these questions with text responses or by submitting drawings or diagrams of your idea.

It’s free of charge.